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A Associação Arte no Tempo tem por objectivo a divulgação da arte musical contemporânea através da promoção de eventos culturais, do incentivo à criação e à interpretação, da edição e da realização de actividades performativas.

sexta-feira, 25 de abril de 2008


"You can’t really get to like any music until you start to listen to it. And once you start to listen to it you may in fact discover that you like it. But the important thing is that liking the music immediately is not the primary issue: the important matter is that your attention should be arrested by the music, that you should be moved by it in some way. Most people, to be honest, who encounter art that is offensive to them, or that makes them feel uncomfortable, will interpret their reaction as one of disliking it. It is the same for music as well. I have always told my students that it is not whether you feel against it or for it that is important, it is the strength of the feeling that is important. I think it is a natural reaction for people to interpret a strong response as a negative response, when in fact it is simply a strong response, which means that whatever it is that has caused the response has been able to do so because it has touched you deeply in certain places, for reasons that you then have to work out for yourself. (...)"
Robin Maconie

"On Karlheinz Stockhausen"

(entrevista conduzida por Eva Radich para o programa "Upbeat" da Rádio New Zealand Concert, difundida em Dezembro de 2007)

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